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Windows Phone 7 study group information session tonight!

Feb 3

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Thursday, February 03, 2011 8:58 PM  RssIcon

ODNCTonight we had our Windows Phone 7 information session.  Are you interested in participating?


Tonight, at the ODNC, we had an information session about our next study group on Windows Phone 7!


If you're interested, I STRONGLY encourage you to download and read, and I mean READ (no skimming!) the PowerPoint 2010 slide deck.  You will have to follow the instructions to particpate.  Warning, failure to comply with the instructions will render you completely useless to everyone else participating and will not be welcomed to participate.  Harsh?  Ya, I thought so, I asked one of the Java-Oracle merger laywers to create that lawyer-esque quote! HAHA

This study group is meant to help Ottawa developers with a slant towards making WP7 apps.  If you have a PASSION for WP7 apps, you have a couple of app ideas and have some Visual Studio/.NET/XAML experience, then give it a shot!  If you can fullfil the conditions, there's a good chance you too can participate! 

OH Yes!  There are conditions.  But come on, in reality, there're NOT that hard!  The conditions are nothing more traumatic than what you do (or should be doing LOL) during your regular work day.  What things?  Register on a site, email some text, create a program, submit/commit your code (rinse and repeat as necessary) and email again that you're done!  See, not THAT hard and nothing drastically different from what you've done before.

These conditions are meant to accomplish two things.  First, it'll help you decide for yourself, if you have what it takes to participate.  If you can't do/follow those instructions (the ones you have to read in the PowerPoint slide deck), then are you REALLY going to follow the 28 pages of requirements to get your WP7 application onto the Marketplace?  Second, when the study group starts, everyone participating HAD to go through the same "boot camp" so you can at least assume everyone has at least THAT level of VS/WP7/XAML experience/background.  Both things are key to keeping the level of participation high, and this is all done with you judging for yourself whether you're in or not.

Someone asked me about dates, GREAT question (thanks Dan! LOL).

Applications/Submissions open: NOW!

Applications/Submissions CLOSE: 02-14-2010 (yes, Feburary 14th)

Participant Notifications: 02-15-2010

First Night: The week after that (why not tell me you ask? cause you have to go through the submission process first to get here LOL)

Ok, now that you know what's required (hint hint, read the slides LOL), it's time to grab a coffee, read the slides and get coding!


Resources Announcing the next ODNC WP7 study group information session

ODNC Study group on CodePlex: Information Session PPTX

PS If you're using Firefox to download this and THIS is happening....Then either switch to IE (DOH! HAHAH) or just select Save after clicking the link, then open it manually.

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