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Ottawa Code Camp / Ottawa IT Day 2011 IS COMING!!!!

Mar 18

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Friday, March 18, 2011 8:09 PM  RssIcon

Ottawa Code CampOttawa Code Camp....uh, sorry...Ottawa IT Day 2011 is coming!  Read on for more details!

April 16th - Ottawa IT Day 2011Ottawa IT Day 2011 (aka Ottawa Code Camp) is coming to Algonquin College, April 16, 2011!  If you're not familiar with this event, MAN, you HAVE to check this out!  You want to get some FREE and immediately useful technical information?  THIS will be the best way you can spend a Saturday in months!  The Ottawa IT Day organizers are looking to fill the day with all kinds of enticing and exciting technical presentations by HIGHLY technical, but very approachable people!  (and yes, slightly Microsoft slanted, but certainly not limited to just MS.)

Oh, before I forget, IF you're so inclined to present, after all this conference is given by us developers for us developers, if you're interested, check out the website for the Session Abstracts XLS you'll need to fill out and email to the organizers!  But be quick, the deadline is Monday!

That's big praise eh?  Very deserved IMHO!  How do I justify my over-the-top appraisal?  Tell me, what other FREE conference do you know about, which feeds you (if you register, which I highly recommend you do when it opens haha), has a BOAT LOAD of Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVPs, experts from your community who Microsoft ackknowledge are stellar in their specific areas of expertise) where you can just sit back, absorb great presentations and maybe, just maybe walk away with some cool prizes?! 

Not everyone there is an MVP, some are working towards gaining that status, and some are just there to share information/technical know how!  Some presentations are quite polished, and others, maybe a bit rough around the edges (like mine last year? DOH! haha).  But seriously, the less polished ones are also JAM PACKED with useful knowledge someone JUST LIKE YOU gained through many pain-staking hours of googling, Visual Studio fighting, shortcut pounding, coffee perspiring evenings where you can save that time and energy and learn from these fellow geeks!

Last year, there was one WP7 track led by Colin Melia and Louis-Philippe Pinsoneault (they are now one of those MVPs I spoke about above!) and rumour has it he's back!  This year looks like it's going to be another banner year for the Ottawa IT Day!  This is going to be the fourth year!  If you're going, I hope to see you there!  Now that you know about Ottawa IT Day, it's time go grab a coffee and get coding!


Ottawa IT Day website

Directions to Algonquin College Ottawa IT Day is coming in less than two weeks! My presentation at Ottawa IT Day (OITD) 2010 "Perky Peter" and constructive criticism from my OITD presentation last Sat


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