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Want to comment, please register, 2nd attempt at antispam

Mar 29

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 9:40 PM  RssIcon

AntispamI make EVERY effort to read and comment on EVERY comment I get.  Well, one person in the last week has been trying my patience.  Read on for details.

I have a technical blog, I use it to help "finger flick" my brain sometimes, but I also use it to help other technical geeks looking for help from someone just like them, who was lucky enough to figure out the problem! 

Sometimes, if I'm able to really get someone out of a pinch, they let me know!  I LOVE those times... well, not that they're in a pinch, but that I could help.  I know EXACLY how they felt cause I felt that same way when I figured out "the fix" before I wrote the blog!  And if someone is going to leave me a comment, I feel honoured and obliged to return their kindness by reading their feedback/suggestion/ideas and returning their comment (it's my way of proving I've read and digested their input!).  I'm proud that (to my recollection) I've replied to everyone technical comment I've received.

In the past, a few times, I've had some goof-balls try to use my site to sell stuff.  At that time, it was easy to manage, just turf the comment.  Well, this past week, things have gotten a bit out of hand.  Some twerp leaves comments on five to eight blogs a night for the past week.  At first, hey I was flattered, until I found out I was being used as a mule for selling Apple products.  HAHA YA, not technical, not adding any value to me nor you.....DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I still have to address those emails/comments.  PITA!

So tonight, I updated my blog module and turned on comments only for registered users.  I'm sorry to my three readers who aren't registered (one of you is registered haha) but to comment, you'll have to register.  You have that bozo-da-clown to thank.  SO, after you click the Register link, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!

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