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WP7 NoDo update! Yahoo! I'ts my turn! And it worked like a charm!

Mar 31

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Thursday, March 31, 2011 2:39 PM  RssIcon

Do not disconnectLast week, Microsoft released the WP7 NoDo update.  Except, that "release" was to the carriers and not to us, the everday Joe, customer, developer, user, person paying the bills!  Until this week that is!

This week, people started getting and blogging/tweeting about the WP7 "NoDo" update.  I first heard of someone I knew successfuly updated, from Wes Macdonald, a local TFS MVP.

Wes Macdonald

Unfortunately that night, I tried to get the update, but it wasn't my turn (ggrr, but it'll come soon enough, I'm sure of it, or so I kept telling myself).  It's a staggered release sched, helps minimize bottle necks.  Well, tonight it WAS my turn.  I avoided all the "unofficial" ways to get the update cause I wanted to PROVE to myself (and iPhone/BB/Android) friends that Microsoft WILL get the update process RIGHT THIS TIME!  haha  Ok, that's not entirely true, it was also cause I was/am just too busy and didn't have time.

BUT!  Tonight when I got the Zune update message, you can BET I made time!  After starting the process off, I got the funky image on the right, and as John Marshall commented on his blog, I was prepared for it!  As instructed, I didn't touch the phone and just let the process do it's thing.  If you're looking for the whole process storyboarded out, check out Rick Claus' blog Rogers Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus) Update is live. 

If I fast forward a bit, I saw the successful update message!  COOL!  That means TWO things!

Successful update

First, it means my update worked (and I don't have a bricked phone!), COOL!  But just as importantly, Microsoft DID GET THE UPDATE PROCESS RIGHT THIS TIME!  They DID learn some valuable lessons with the last update and re-update!  That's awesome!

I know a lot of people were really waiting for the copy'n'paste feature, but the biggest draw to NoDo for me was the app loading performance improvements!  I have seen some, it does seem a bit snappier, but I'll have more to say in the next few days/weeks.

The last note I want to make is what I'm left with AFTER the NoDo update.  Yes, I have the 7390 revision, but also, if you look at the bottom of the Zune sceen, you'll see I ALSO have the option to go back to the pre-NoDo.  No, I'm not looking forward to doing that, but it's intersting, even cool that I DO have that option.

Phone settings after the NoDo update.

Ok, now that I have the NoDo update, and I hope you do too, and if not, that you get it SOON!  It's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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