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Ever been asked for your webpage during a presentation? Here's an easy solution!

Apr 2

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Saturday, April 02, 2011 7:54 PM  RssIcon

Microsoft tag for Ottawa IT Camp 2011Have you ever given a presentation and been asked for your slide deck?  Blog?  Website?  Code? Or do you have a slide with all that information plastered all over it, only to see people still not copying it down on paper?  No pen you say?  Or, they're asking get the idea right?  There HAS to be a better way?  There is!

Microsoft tag for Ottawa IT Camp 2011The better way is to use Microsoft Tag's software to create a new generation barcode which lets you create tags in different formats so you can include them in your applications, presentations, websites or more!  The idea here is, you would setup some links using the Microsoft Tag Manager program a head of time, copy them into your prsentation and then let people (using the Microsoft tag program) on their smartphone, would then immediately have a copy of what ever you wanted.  Be it, source code, slide decks, company/conference websites, what ever you want!

Here are two examples I whipped up today.

Microsoft tag for Tag for the Ottawa IT Camp 2011

Microsoft tag for source code on CodePlex

Microsoft tag for Ottawa IT Camp 2011 Microsoft tag for Ottawa IT Camp website on CodePlex for source code

I leave it up to you to test out different sizes and the differnt formats you can use.  I know myself who is terrible at copying things down wrong, EVEN WHEN I can get/have a pen and paper) this is a MUCH better solution.  Now that you know how to help your audience get your presentation material quicker and more accurate, it's time for a coffee and get coding!

PS  Yes, yes yes, I know, I know, for all you other non-MSers out there, yes, I know there are other technologies, even other types of "new generation barcodes" but the ones I've tried had differing levels of success.  Either way, if you do go down this route, just tell your audience what those funky pictures are and hopefully they'll try it out!



Microsoft tag website

WP7 Marketplace: Microsoft Tag 

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