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Hello World Blog from Windows Live Writer

Apr 19

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 9:13 PM  RssIcon

imageCan I enter a subject here?

Testing out how this is going to work (using Windows Live Writer with DNN, WLW).  I’m SICK AND TIRED of losing my blog posts to my keyboard and mouse shortcuts. I have one of those funky MS mice with thumb buttons, one minimizes the window, and one CLOSES the current window, and DNN DOES NOT have a chicken switch when you close the window (it doesn’t ask before you close IF you want to close……so you lose your ENTIRE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOH!)

Yes, this is my “Hello World” blog for Windows Live Writer.  One interesting thing is I had/decided to pick the Community Server blog engine option (DNN wasn’t listed in drop down).  Why did I pick that one?  Cause the other URLs given didn’t look like the one I was given by DNN.

I wonder how images are going to show up?  Let’s try.  hhmmmm DNN/Windows Live Writer puts them into a numbered Files dir under the blog with some convoluted filename.

hhhmm after not really liking picking the Community Server option, I redid it and this time picked the Metaweblog API option.


PS  Where does the subject line come from?  And how is this going to show up in RSS feeds?  hhhmm some tweaking yet to do I think.  AAHHH have to click the Split Post to enter in a dotted horizontal line with a More...tag on the right.  Interesting, it's possible, cool!  Why?  The blog readers (ie RSSBandit) like subject lines.

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