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My Ottawa IT Camp DataBinding Presentations

Apr 23

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Saturday, April 23, 2011 7:48 PM  RssIcon


Last week I did a presentation on DataBinding at the Ottawa IT Camp 2011.  Here’s a HIGH level discussion.

Last week I talked about data binding on WP7, an introduction if you will.  This was meant to be a nothing to something type of presentation. 

The crux of this is data binding IS HARD with XAML, WP7, Silverlight, WPF.  Don’t think so?  Check this slide out and I DARE you to tell me it’s not!  These are things people have to figure out (even if only to realize you can ignore it for now) before/during/while you’re doing data binding!  And that list is by NO means complete!!!!!!!  I could have easily gone on for another slide, but I only had one hour to talk.  Anyways, you get the idea, it’s NO WAY as easy as it was in the ol’WinForms days!


So what did I do?  Well, I started out with a brand new project and then ended up with the app on the top right.  Ok, I didn’t do EVERYTHING EXACLY PERFECTLY!  No, that’s not what this was meant for!  This was meant to be an example of something YOU CAN DO!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, you can do this, and I show you, with logical steps how to go from completely nothing to a running app!  How do I take you there?

First, I start off I give you two main directories, one with the completed projects, and one with projects requiring work to get them to work (which is filled in one of the word docs included).  Uh, if you use those, don’t forget to exclude them before compiling everything otherwise you’ll get a bunch of compile errors cause of the missing pieces.  You’ll notice there are a bunch of directories (11 to be exact, but only 10 used).


Next, things are (hopefully) arranged logically in VS.  Each project focuses in on one small specific piece of functionality I’m hoping you can easily understand, pick up and use in your applications.


So what’s the big deal?  Well, once you get a handle on these basic things (pulling data, displaying it), then you can create something like this!

Yup, I used the basics here to do that  WP7 application.  Ok, ok, NO this isn’t perfect, and YES, there is too much in code and not enough in XAML, but don’t forget, this is a type of introduction to data binding.  In this presentation, you learned about how to get data in different ways, how to display it, how to use binding, even some Resource magic and converters!

I hope you enjoyed/will enjoy this presentation/tutorial as much as I did in creating it!  So now, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



Source Code:

Ottawa Code Camp download site

Ottawa Code Camp on CodePlex Reviews from my Ottawa IT Camp 2011 Data Binding presentation

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