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DevTeach Keynote Speakers Released!

May 17

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 9:10 PM  RssIcon

imageThe DevTeach keynote speakers list was released today and I have to say, WOW!  Talk about a Huge Power Play Lineup!

I HOPE you’ve heard of DevTeach?!  If you haven’t, YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT THIS CONFERENCE!  It is NOTHING like what you’ve seen before!  Yes, bold words I know, but it’s true, it’s a conference focusing on technologies you use everyday, by people just like you having the exact same troubles/complications/issues you’re having.  BUT they’ve worked out solutions you can try out TODAY!  Ya!  That’s right!  Not beta-ware solutions, not things that “might work.”  Chances are HUGE you’ll get your answers there!

Having a problem with Silverlight/WPF/XAML?  Find Markus Egger Laurent Duveau or Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault, all three are Microsoft MVPs and two are Regional Directors (RD)!  Need Azure help, locate Colin Melia, another MVP and RD.  Your agile project hitting some bumps in the road, find Mario Cardinal, another MVP and architect-heavy-hitter!  Having troubles with some esoteric C++/Windows API?  Seek out Kate Gregory and you’ll get your answer, oh ya, another MVP and RD.  Have an ASP.NET question that keeps you up at night?  Find Joel Hébert and you guessed it, your answer, aaaaaaand ya, another MVP super star!  And these are a small number of people I’ve personal seen present, and I will guarantee you a Timmy’s Double-Double, you WON’T be disappointed by seeing them live!!!!!!!!!  (and yes, I will collect on my double-double!)

The first session of the day sets the tone, right?  Well, if the list of speakers announced today is any indication, this year’s DevTeach conference is going to be FANTASTIC!  I’ve seen all five of the keynote speakers present before and they are excellent choices!  Beth Massi is from Microsoft and Colin Melia, Laurent Duveau, Guy Barrette and Jean-René Roy are powerful presenters and will give you a better lift than your morning coffee and sticky buns!

Now that you know what you’re in for at DevTeach, it’s time to go register, and then it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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