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Screen Protector Review, Zagg Invisible Shield

Jun 5

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Sunday, June 05, 2011 8:30 PM  RssIcon


Two weeks ago I bought a screen protector, read about my review.


Shortly after I bought my Samsung Focus, I realized I didn’t like putting it into my pockets, so I bought one of those nifty hip cases.  Good thing is, my WP7 phone was always handy, bad thing is, because of the screws on the case, I started to see two little spots wearing down on the screen.  Simple solution to flip the phone over only postponed the inevitable since the other side also created wear marks.  hhhmmmm what to do?

I had heard of screen protectors from friends with other devices, but I was always leery about having to buy MORE things for something that should already be able to protect itself.  But anyways, I’m locked into a three year contract, this bad boy better last me, so off to the store I go.

Short Ver:I ended up buying a Zagg, Invisible Shield.  Overall, it’s a good product, but it does have ONE major irritant drawback I hope they can eventually fix.

Detail Version:

First the good news, it’s easy to “install” (ie put on), it DOES protect the screen (for some reason my box didn’t have a back to it, but that’s ok, I have a Habs stick to protect me haha) and after some initial tweaks to my finger gestures, it captures all my taps, draps and clicks nicely.

The only drawback I really dislike about this product is it lacks a “smoothness” to the dragging.  Before you buy one of these, I encourage you to ask the salesperson to try out THEIR phone first and do this one little trick, slide your finger across the screen at the same rate you would read a web page.  Why?  Cause at the rate I read, my finger would skip along the top of the screen.  Ya, weird I know!  When I asked someone to try it out, they slide smoothly, until I said “WHOA! slow down there speedy gonzalas!” (ok, I’m paraphrashing, but you get the jist haha) and then their finger started to skip-de-dee-do-daa all the way up the screen.

I believe the deal here is, in order to make the screen as TOUGH as it is, it can’t be perfectly smooth, like the glass-like top of the WP7 device.  That rough surface means your finger will just skip a bit.  I’m starting to get used to it now, but every once in a while, I still skip to far ahead and need to reverse.

Now that you have the screen protector review, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



Zagg Invisible Shield for the Samsung Focus

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