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miFlashlight version 2.0 released to WP7 Marketplace tonight, and the update process on the Marketplace

Aug 10

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011 8:38 PM  RssIcon

miFlashlightmiFlashlight was one of the first flashlight apps released on the WP7, tonight I just updated it to version 2.0.  The updating process has been tweaked a bit, read on for my thoughts.

Last year I created and released a small flashlight utility I called miFlashlight.  It did the job it was supposed to do, get me started with WP7 and the Marketplace.  But since using it over the past nine months, I realized I built a few things into it didn't really need.  Today I released version 2.0.

  • The BIGGEST change is the price... it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!  Gotta love that price eh?!
  • I removed the different background colour options.  It's a flashlight, how many times do you REALLY want a lime green flashlight?  Really?  Really? When you're walking down stairs, you want LIGHT, not some lime green colour, I think anyways. haha
  • I removed the rotation support.  You really shouldn't be looking at the phone when you're in the dark, you should be looking at where you're walking, looking or what ever you're doing.
  • And lastly I changed all the transparent background colours to white.  This is a flashlight right, supposed to be bright and white right? haha

So there you go.  I hope it'll be released in a few days to the Marketplace.  I found the submission process has changed/been updated.  All for the better I might add.  The biggest changes I saw, noticed, remembered are:

  • The first screen has nice statistics on it, well, WOULD if you indeed had SELLING applications haha
  • On the "my apps" you can see right off the bat how many people have downloaded your app, NICE!
  • There are checks now for the assembly language support as you upload your XAP file.  Interesting, I got caught on that one.
  • I was able to submit my app to the whole world and for free quite easily!  Cool.

Those are just some quick Marketplace highlights.  I hope my app gets certified quickly (I don't see any reason why not?).  It's onto my next WP7 application, something for my company.  I hope that'll be certified by the end of the month.  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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