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DevTeach is coming to Ottawa!!!!

Sep 8

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Thursday, September 08, 2011 7:10 PM  RssIcon

DevTeachOtt2011125x125DevTeach, one of the best conferences going, is coming to Ottawa.  Read on for more details (warning LOTS of CAPS ahead!).



Has it been AGES since you went on a training course?  You've NEVER been to a technical conference you say?  You would LOVE to talk to like-minded geeks about technology you love?  Where can you get all this at an affordable price?  DevTeach IS the answer!

Unfortunately this year, TechDays is not coming to Ottawa, BUT, DevTeach IS!  November 2nd to the 4th, DevTeach is coming to the Novotel hotel in downtown Ottawa.

So what Peter?  What’s DevTeach and what’s the BIG deal?  (hhmm lots of CAPS-LOCK in this post EH?) 

CTO Summary

DevTeach is a highly technically charged conference aimed at Microsoft people.  Both developers, IT, DBAs, anything technical, architects, juniors, CTOs, everything for everyone Microsoft.  Ok, ok, that’s a BIG “sell” but if you look at the SEVEN tracks and sessions, I would bet you a Timmy’s Double-Double you’ll find something every day you’ll LOVE to go see!

Developers Summary

This is a conference given by programmers/geeks/code-heads like you and me who (for the most part) work with Microsoft, not FOR Microsoft.  So what?  Well, you can be assured you’re going to hear the good AND the bad about the material you’re watching!  You’re going to see real world solutions to real world problems.  One of the BIGGEST advantages of DevTeach is you can use the info tomorrow!  As good as TechEd, MIX, and the upcoming BUILD conferences are, a lot of the time,  you can’t REALLY use the info literally the next day, but with DevTeach you CAN!  Also, most of the people presenting at DevTeach are either MVPs, RDs or Microsoft has their eye on them to becoming an MVP very soon.  Oh, what’s an MVP, in a nut shell, someone who loves to share their knowledge about some specific targeted Microsoft technical area.  There are also quite a few local flavours presenting as well!

The conference is located right next to the Rideau Centre at the Novotel hotel, so it’s easily accessible and ISN’T in some HUMONGOUS complex that takes you 20 minutes to walk from one side to the next.  No, this is a quaint venue and helps you talk to other like-minded people looking to solve the very same problems you are!

The main conference is three jam packed days of technical know-how!  But there are also pre-con workshops!

And the last great reason to attend is it’s affordable.  Have you checked how much it is to goto Build in Anaheim next week?  Well, I tried to find out the price just now and it’s not listed cause it’s sold out, but it’s usually in the thousand dollar ballpark.  HHMMM rather steep to ask your boss to OK that requisition order.  Then there’s the hotel, flights out there, and back…then there’s food.   Hhhmmm an expensive training session could easily run you 5Gs!  But DevTeach is only $349 (with rebate code OT00NETUGC).  That’s right, $350 and you’ll get to see key technical tacticians show you the right moves to make your current/next project go smoothly!

Ok, that’s enough talking about DevTeach, I have to start looking at the registration site and booking as well!  Now it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!





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