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DevTeach Ottawa 2011 Pre-Con, Great day of Silverlight!

Nov 2

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011 8:45 PM  RssIcon

DevTeachLogoToday I was lucky enough to participate in DevTeach’s Silverlight Pre-Con, and MAN was it GREAT!  Read on for a summary!

DevTeachLogoToday I went to the Silverlight Pre-Conference session at DevTeach Ottawa 2011, and MAN was it good!  Laurent Duveau from RunAtServer lead the small group of gee….uhhh….developers through the ins-and-outs of creating a real Line of Business (LOB) application!  And was it cool!   We created an event tracking Silverlight application literally from scratch!  Ok, the DB wasn’t from scratch but I already know how to create a DB, so that was cool to skip THOSE bits. haha

I quickly learned that EF IS NOT that scary!  I learned that RIA Services are VERY useful and easy to use with EF, and a lot of "SCARY” bits of XAML, data binding, styles, resources, and templating aren’t really all that bad!  I realized I just need to play with them a bit more.  But with Laurent’s nudges/hints/tweaks/tips, really helped fill in some technology/API gaps for me!  Merci beaucoup!

Here are some shot from today!



Afterwards, DevTeach held Speakers Idol!  That’s a local opportunity for local gee…uuuuhh…..developers who WANT to do technical presentations, but who might be a bit on the shy side, or maybe unsure about their abilities, OR MAYBE they just know DARN FREAK’N WELL THEY CAN PRESENT but just want an opportunity!  Speakers Idol is THAT opportunity!  We saw five fantastic presentations, first from one of last years contestants Ahmed Al-Asaad to show how it’s done, then by Carmai Constant, Sheir Rhman, James Hunter and John Calvert.  Here’s the link for more details about the presentation topics and prizes (hint, someone won a #WP7 from LIKE 10 Inc.  VERY COOL!

Right now, I’m trying a few new things I learned today on my DevDeach Ottawa 2011 WP7 app version 1.1!  OH YA!  There are quite a few things I learned today that I can use TODAY on my WP7 application!  OH YA!  I’ve always said that about DevTeach, it’s a conference where you learn things you can use immediately, and today I learned it pumps you up enough to actually TRY THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY! HAHA

Now that I’m excited, I have to grab a coffee and get coding!



Laurent Duveau


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Re: DevTeach Ottawa 2011 Pre-Con, Great day of Silverlight!

Peter, I can't agree with you more, IT WAS AN AWSOME DAY! Laurent did an awesome job creating his application from scratch. What I found most useful was the xaml side of things and the exposure to Microsoft Blend. I also think that everyone in Speakers Idol did very well (I voted for everyone of them), coming from someone who spoke last year and won 2nd prize, it takes guts and based on that alone, good job guys!

Cheers Sylvain

By Sylvain Boucher on   Thursday, November 03, 2011 3:41 PM

Re: DevTeach Ottawa 2011 Pre-Con, Great day of Silverlight!

re what you found most useful
OH YA! I agree (whole lot of agreeing going on?! haha)! But seriously, watching "da masta" of SL/XAML at work was like watching Salvador Dali paint his melting clocks!!!! Just incredible IMHO! Kudos on your winning last year by the way! :> And yes, it takes a lot of guts to get up there and expose yourself like that! BUT pushing personal comfort boundaries is what that's all about! All the presenters come out of that wiser and better for it!

Thank you for leaving a comment Sylvain, and I'm looking forward to the next day! See you there!

By Peter Henry on   Thursday, November 03, 2011 7:42 PM

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