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Are you constantly asked for your TFS creds? Tired of it? Heres the solution!

Jan 29

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Sunday, January 29, 2012 9:27 PM  RssIcon

imageIf you’re new to TFS/Team Explorer and you’re getting sick’n’tired of having to enter in your username password, try this solution out!

Last week, I started switching over from SVN to TFS/Team Explorer (Microsoft’s source code management system).  It’s got some nice features, biggest being it’s baked right into Visual Studio 2010!

Anyways, I play with two projects on CodePlex, and EVERYTIME I fire up VS, I’m CONSTANTLY pinged for my creds.  Now, being asked all the time is not THAT bad, no, it’s just the format that Codeplex uses drives me nuts (it’s not very intuitive).


Anyways, I asked two TFS GURUS in Ottawa (Wes MacDonald and Ahmed Al-Asaad) for advice and I got a GREAT answer!  Thank you guys!

The secret is to goto Control Panel and open up User Accounts.  Once you’re there, look for Manage your credentials on the left hand side.


Once you click on Manage your credentials, you’ll see this form and click on the Add a Windows credentail.


Ok, after that (we’re nearly done), you add in the right TFS server credentials (I’m showing CodePlex here).


After you click on OK, you’ll see server listed in the Windows Credentials area at the top.

NOW, when I go into VS, and I open up the Team Explorer window, I’m still asked to connect to which server, and I click on Connect now,


but I’m NO longer asked to log in!!!!!  BEAUTIFUL!  And NOW I can get latest, check out, edit, etc!  SWEET!  Here’s the proof that the above steps actually work!



Thank you Ahmed and Wes for your help!  Now that I got this working, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



Ahmed Al-Asaad: Team Explorer: Save Codeplex username and Password

Wes Macdonald (Ottawa’s own TFS MVP)

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Re: Are you constantly asked for your TFS creds? Tired of it? Heres the solution!

You only need to do that when tfs is on different domain than your computer

By ahmed on   Sunday, January 29, 2012 11:10 PM

Re: Are you constantly asked for your TFS creds? Tired of it? Heres the solution!

Ya, I noticed that today actually! I was a t work and I didn't need to do this "trick." even more its good to know why it's happening and how to fix, thank you for the tip Ahmed, and the comment too!

By Peter Henry on   Monday, January 30, 2012 6:31 PM

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