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How Do You Reinstall ALL Your Old Windows Phone Apps On A New Phone?

Feb 10

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Friday, February 10, 2012 8:00 PM  RssIcon

Have you had to replace your WP7 for some reason?  Have you had to do a HARD reset on it? Wonder how you get all your old apps, even then ones you paid for, reinstalled?  I have a solution!

A few months ago, I had an unfortunate experience with my WP7 hardware.  Long story short, Samsung CAN came to my rescue AND I was quickly back in action!  SO!  I got a new phone, and as GREAT as that was, I lost all of my apps, even the ones I paid for!  DOH!  That is until this week when I read an article on Mobilty Minded which had the MAGICAL link to not only show you all your installed apps, but has links so you can quickly reinstall them!  BEAUTIFUL!

The magic here is the link, the one in the article assumes your from the US: (note the en-US in the URL).  No biggie, for Canuks like me, I just had to change this in my browser (yes, I’m using IE haha) to “en-CA”:

Now, this will show you YOUR account and look under App Purchase History (DUH? haha) and you’ll see a paged listing of the apps you’ve installed on your phone.  You can see on the far right you can hit the Reinstall link, and well…I think you can guess what THAT does?! haha


Ok, the one gotcha here is, when you click Reinstall, it doesn’t IMMEDIATELY reinstall.  No, you'll go through a bit of a wizard.  First you’re asked to choose a phone (click the Other phones link and you should see your old HW listed there, probably where you first installed this app).  Click on Next link.  Then you’ll see a chicken switch to reinstall (yes, this is where you get your last chance to cancel out).  Then you’ll see a Processing… message and then you’re done, you’ll see a Congratulations message.

BIG time saving hint: If you’re a few pages into your app reinstalls, you’ll start to get frustrated with the Go back link.  Why?  Cause it always brings you back to the FIRST page!  DOH!  Ya, so you’ll have to hit Next all the way to the last page you were on.  A QUICK tip is to open the Reinstall link into a new tab (in IE, press CTRL+SHIFT+the link to open the link in a new tab and flip to it so you can do your work).  Doing this way will help you to stay on the same app listings page AND still go through the reinstall app wizard.  You won’t lose your mind doing it this way!

Now that you know how to get back your apps, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!




Mobility Minded: How to Re-install All your Windows Phone Apps at Once After a Hard Reset or on a New Device, by Johan van Mierlo

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Re: How Do You Reinstall ALL Your Old Windows Phone Apps On A New Phone?

Hey! Very cool! Jason Haley caught wind of this article on his "Interesting Finds." Thank you very much!

If you're not familiar with Jason Haley's Interesting Finds......YOU NEED TO NOW! HAHA Ok, all joking aside, you can either go mining for stuff yourself in the Interweb, OR, you could start with Jason's site and then IF you have time left over go spelunking. But I doubt you'll have time cause HIS links are highly organized AND VERY technologically targetted (chances are good to what interests YOU!).

Thanks again Jason!

By Peter Henry on   Sunday, February 12, 2012 3:20 PM

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