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Interested in developing for Windows 8 and in Ottawa this weekend

May 23

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 8:14 PM  RssIcon

imageAre you a windows developer, in Ottawa THIS weekend and interested in doing Windows 8 dev?  Check this out for details!

If you’re a Windows developer, interested in making programs for the upcoming Windows 8 and in Ottawa (Ontario) this weekend (Sat May 26), then I really, Really, REALY encourage you to check out the Windows 8 Camp this weekend at Algonquin College!!!!!!!  You DO have to register though!!!!!!!!  They DO Have to know how many people to expect to buy lunch for!  Oh ya, lunch is included for the INCREDIBLE LOW PRICE OF……….wait for it…………..F R E E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you catch that?  FREE!!!!!

What DO you get for FREE?  You get LUNCH (oh I mentioned that already?!), you get to see how to code Windows 8 apps LIVE by Colin Melia, Susan Ibach and Roger Feruson, AND you get YOUR OWN Consumer Preview copy for your own computer (if you want, HW not required to have/bring, YES you can still participate without a laptop, or even if you have one but forgot your power cord and battery dies prematurely? DOH!).

The day starts at 9, so be ready with your coffees!  You can read online for the sched details, I won’t bore you here.  What you WON’T get over there on the details page is a bit of juicy gossip/news/bio info on the presenters! 

First off, Susan Ibach is a local Microsoft Evangelist who used to teach technical courses and who now continues to do technical presentations for MS.  She’s an incredibly dynamic, fluid and entertaining presenter, you won’t be bored and will learn a lot from her!  I don’t know much about Rogan Ferguson but when I met him at the last Ottawa IT Camp, he was a VERY enthusiastic and eager techie!!!!  Just before lunch Islam Gomaa is going to be giving away..uh…hhmm HOSTING the Consumer Preview Windows 8 InstallFest! This was supposed to happen at a previous event, but for various technical glitches, it didn’t. So he’s giving up some family time to help share his knowledge with us to install Windows 8 on my/yours/our own laptops! Hey, you can bring your desktop if you want, but I’m planning on bringing my little netbook (not sure how it’ll hold up but keep an eye out for follow up blog haha).  And last but NOT least is Colin Melia.  Ok, in summary, he’s a walking Wikipedia when it comes to XAML, Blend, Silverlight, data binding, MVVM, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Azure, WP7, SQL, SQL Server, and in general just a nice all around geek!  Oh ya, if you read his bio he’s an MVP, RD and a lot of other TLAs which means what?  Microsoft thinks he knows his SH…I…..uh…..hey, he knows his stuff!  More deeply, once you’re past his introduction slide and used to his english accent, you’re primed and ready to absorb what he’s throwing out there!  I’ve been lucky enough to see a few of his technical presentations and I’m never bored, always entertained and I ALWAYS learn a lot!  He’s scheduled to do two sessions, I’m expecting to learn A LOT Saturday from him! 

I have HIGH expectations for this weekend, and I expect to learn A LOT!  If you go, please say hi! (I hope to be at the registration desk!)  Now it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



Windows 8 Camp in Ottawa

Registration (yes, you have to register!)

Colin Melia

Susan Ibach

Rogan Ferguson

Islam Gomaa

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Re: Interested in developing for Windows 8 and in Ottawa this weekend

Peter - I know that you pride yourself on being ahead of your time, BUT this item was created
on: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 11:25 PM ????
You better have 3 more coffees;-)

By Charles Wiebe on   Monday, June 04, 2012 3:22 PM

Re: Interested in developing for Windows 8 and in Ottawa this weekend

AH! Charles, I get mixed up on that too! That date (I think) you're seeing on the front page, is from DNN and is the date I started this version of the blog/DNN. If you look under the title, it'll show May 23, 2012...a bit more appropriate.

Although my ego would LIKE to think I'm THAT good, reality (and gentle people in the ODNC community help me out) I'm not that good.

As for the coffee, SURE I'll have another! hahaha Thank you for the comment Charles! I hope to have more on there soon to help keep you coming back for more (and more comments too).

By Peter Henry on   Monday, June 04, 2012 3:36 PM

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