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Jumping in with BOTH FEET into Team Foundation Service (online version of TFS) at CodePlex

Nov 23

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Friday, November 23, 2012 8:14 PM  RssIcon

www.PCHenry.comThis weekend I’m jumping with BOTH feet into TFS for my blog’s source code repository.

A few years ago, when I started my blog, I wanted to share my code, and the easiest (ie cheapest LOL) way was to host my own SVN server.  But that meant two things, hosting my own source code control system AND running an Apache server.  Now, running an Apache server along side IIS is no big deal, but running a Java based server IS a big deal for me!!!!!!!!! haha

Anyways, with installing VS2012 recently, continuing to want to share my blog’s source code, and (here’s the linchpin) Microsoft ported their free community sharing source control system CodePlex over to TFS 2012, I’m FINALLY moving everything “into da cloud.”  Yup, my blog’s source code will now be out on the internet!


The url is :

This lets you poke around using your browser without needing any client software installed.


But if you’re using VS2012, you should be using TFS, then you can actually get entire solutions down to actually F5 (that’s Debug for non-keyboard short-cutters out there haha) by using the following URLS:


I know it’s a bit cryptic, but you can cut’n’paste it and then you shouldn’t need it again.  Careful of the username, that “snd\” and “_cp” post and prefix will catch you everytime!  If you’re getting tired of having to enter in your username/password, then try out this link to help save your sanity! haha

Why wait until now?  Good question!!!!!  In the past few years, CodePlex did have something called their SVNBridge to give SVN clients access to the source code repository.  And it worked for a lot of things, but unfortunately, with my work with a few ODNC study groups, we found some gaps in functionality and features not completely implemented.  One bug remains outstanding as far as it know (deleting previously committed but empty directories, just doesn’t work).  Anyways, in the past, my work with CodePlex DID help me get in touch with a FAMOUS keyboard shortcut GURU and MASTER tipster Sara Ford!  So my previous years with CodePlex were always full of adventures. 

Ok, now that you know how to get to the NEW source code, I have to start adding to that repository again!  Now it’s time to grab a coffee and get back to coding!



Resources TechTidBits source code moved: Switching to TFS but tired of entering in credentials? Want to just have VS remember your username/pwd? Me too!

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Re: Jumping in with BOTH FEET into Team Foundation Service (online version of TFS) at CodePlex

And if you the repository but don't want to share it with the world you can go to where up to 5 users can store their team code for free.

By Colin on   Wednesday, November 28, 2012 9:35 AM

Re: Jumping in with BOTH FEET into Team Foundation Service (online version of TFS) at CodePlex

Ah yes Colin, very true! Thank you for the reminder! I thought I had done a blog on that, but I just looked and I did not. DOH! I guess I hadn't cause that's more for my own private/WP dev. I've been playing with that (TFS online) and it's working quite nicely. Thanks again for reading and especially commenting Colin! Have a great week!!!!!!

By Peter Henry on   Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:41 AM

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