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Ever notice the Calendar view on your Windows Phone?

Jan 10

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Thursday, January 10, 2013 9:30 PM  RssIcon

CalendarPortraitAre you a heavy Calendar user?  I am, and I just recently realized something very odd with the calendar view.  Can you see it?

I’m a heavy Calendar/to do/email user!  I even ditched using an Apple iPod Touch cause I found bugs with creating events/appointments/birthdays (see resources below for blow by blow details).  Long story short, I waited for Windows Phone and even though I had some stumbling blocks, for 99% of my requirements, things worked GREAT!  (that 1% was not being able to synch my calendar directly to Outlook, still waiting for that actually).

Until now, I’ve used the to do list quite heavily for my to do list, and GMail Calendar for my calendar view.  My major problem with using the Calendar view is the inability to zoom in/out of the calendar.  I’ve wished for this since the very beginning.  And with the ease of contextual zooming with XAML, it continues to AMAZE me why we still don’t have that.  Well, last weekend I think I found out why!

Try this out!  Check out the calendar view, focus in on a day you KNOW you have one or two activities for it.  The Calendar view correctly lists the NUMBER of activities, BUT the text/content/actual data IS NOT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As far as I can tell it’s not Lorem Ipsum neither…as far as I can tell!  Check it out for yourself!  (Click on the image below for a larger view)


It’s actually quite freaky!  NONE of those entries are the actual text, NONE!  But the number of entries is correct.  So I’m getting faked out?  Nope, not anymore!  Back to the OTHER format…until MS fixes this!

Now that I know what to depend on, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



FREAK'N So long friend, it was nice while it lasted (iPod Touch I mean) Looks like iPod Touch/iPhone still has work to do on Calendaring functionality, too bad too WARNING! iPhone/Touch users, be VERY careful with your Calendar Events!!!! Chances are high you're not seeing the whole picture! Another chink in the iPod Touch armour Small chinks in Apple iPod Touch's armour?

Windows Phone: Different ways to view calendars

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