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One Week to Ottawa IT Camp (#OttITCamp)

Apr 27

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Saturday, April 27, 2013 4:07 PM  RssIcon

Phone.062The countdown clock starts!  Are you going?  Have you registered yet?  If not, I hope to give you some reason TO register!


The countdown begins!  One week to Ottawa IT Camp, May 4th, 2013!  Are you using Microsoft technologies?  Are you a programmer/in IT/DBA?  Do you live in Ottawa?





Yes, I did that in a C# code!  Hey, I’m a dev geek!  But you IT and DBAs can understand that too I’m sure!  The deal is, if you’re in Ottawa next weekend, YOU NEED TO GOTO OTTAWA IT CAMP AT ALGONQUIN COLLEGE!  There are THREE, count’em…THREE developer focused tracks, ONE on Security, ONE on IT and ONE on SQL!  Yup, ALL THOSE CAPS ARE intended!!!!!!!!!  WHY AM I shouting!  CAUS……sorry, carried away there…cause I want to get the word out!

Ok, ok, time for my “inside voice.”  This is the six year for Ottawa IT Camp, and this year we have our regular IT, DBA and dev tracks, but this year the Ottawa chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) approached the organizers to have their own Security track!  And Microsoft is back again with their own track as well!  That’s SIX rooms times FIVE sessions…..all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, ok, that’s a bit of cheating, there is one SPECIAL session at the end of the day in the Microsoft track meant to unify, bring everything else together for the devs, so in reality there are a total of 27 awesome sessions.  I’m POSITIVE you can find five sessions for you!

If you haven’t heard of the Ottawa IT Camp before, here’s a quick refresher.  It started out as a Code Camp, evolved to include IT and SQL, changed name to be more inclusive, started charging last year, and believe it or not it helped attendance, people who see the value, who WANT to be there, and they GO!  Advertisers also see this, and so do quality speakers.  Speaking of speakers (see the pun there? LOL) this is mostly local highly technical people who WANT to share their experiences with you!  In other words, this is MEAT, no fat!  You are going to hear/see/taste/feel/touch (well, easy on that one with the speakers ok?) real code/sql/scripts/MEATY content!  The deal is, the local presenters are there to show you meat and not fluff!  However, the reality is conference costs money, and there are some advertisers/sponsors, but the organizers try to keep things subtle and the presentations focused on the topics!  We do have some people coming in from out of town, BUT let me reassure you, they came to the conference, they sought out the opportunity to present!  In other words, they want to show you, they want to share with you, they’re here to help YOU SUCCEED!

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll see to whet your appetite! 

  • Microsoft is going to amaze you with Azure, WP and Win8 awesomeness
  • See what’s involved with testing and refactoring from three MVP GURUS, you will need a few sheets of paper for these tricks!
  • Hear about Agile from the most MS Agile experienced person in Canada
  • You’ll SEE in front of your own eyes just what’s involved with making an app with Blackberry’s new OS
  • Starting out with SharePoint dev, you can’t miss THIS session
  • Get a leg up on ASP.NET NEW features from someone who knows what YOU Need to know and isn’t afraid to show you!
  • Getting started with Windows 8 apps, you need to store your data SOMEWHERE, check this session out to get the best tips
  • A WHOLE track on NOT being embarrassed with security holes or bleeding vital and critical data out of your enterprise apps
  • The IT track has five awesome, highly detailed MEAT sessions closing the day out with a Ask the Expert panel of MVPs, bring your hiccups/probs to them and they JUST MIGHT GET YOU UNPLUGGED
  • The SQL track has deeply intense sessions to help YOU SHINE!
  • We have 27 unique sessions, 21 speakers, 13 MVPs, 11 rookies speakers (but certainly well experienced), 10 veteran speakers (they love to come back LOL) and even ONE speaker who’s spoke EVERY YEAR!

NOW that your coming!  (yes, I’m making a big assumption, but I hope after a little bit of thinking about you, you will hit that register button).


Getting there?  You can take the OCTranspo, or drive.  If you do drive, parking is FREE!  Well, just make sure you park in lots 8, 9, or 12.  If you use the Visitors parking on the far east of the campus, you could/will likely pay/get a ticket (I’ve been warned and just passing it along).

The sessions are going to be in Building T, first floor.  Registration will (most likely but could change) in the NE corner in front of WT130 an WT101/WT102A.

And YES, there IS a WP app available on the Windows Phone Marketplace!


“Oooooooook, Peter, you’ve got me really thinking about it, but how much is it?”  The cost is $25, the cost goes towards your coffee (maybe even sticky buns?), lunch, and the rest goes to help out the other FOUR local community user groups!  $25 is not that much when you consider what you're getting, including the opportunity to network ALL DAY with like minded people, AND you get to use what you learn THE VERYNEXT DAY!  THAT in itself is worth $25!!!!!!!!!!  How many times have you gone to a conference, or a presentation and not been able to use the stuff you learned right away?  You can, and I’m POSITIVE YOU WILL come Sunday afternoon!  Ok, ok, maybe Monday.  But you WILL use what you learned!

Ok, now that I have you pondering about coming next Saturday!  I hope you hit the Register link this week!  And if you do, please look for the geek with some geek shirt on and say hi!!!!!!!!!!  Tell him (yup, me!) you read about it here!  Now that I hope you’ll say hi next weekend, and I won’t feel so lonely :) it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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Ottawa IT Camp

Ottawa IT Camp Agenda (click on each Track’s Show link to see sessions)

Ottawa IT Camp Session Details

#OttITCamp on Twitter

WP App on Marketplace

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