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Top 10 Reasons to goto Ottawa IT Camp

May 1

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013 7:53 PM  RssIcon

Are you thinking of going to #OttITCamp?  Still on the fence?  Well, here are the top TEN reasons you SHOULD register RIGHT NOW!Phone.099


This coming Saturday, May 4th, is the 6th annual Ottawa IT Camp (#OttITCamp) and it’s going to be a BLAST!  Are you going?  If you’re on the fence, here are MY top TEN reasons to try to convince you TO GO!

  1. Where else can you rub shoulders AS EQUALS with 13 MVPs?!  If you’re not familiar with Microsoft’s MVP program, they are SUPERSTARS of the Microsoft world, but they’re approachable, that’s key to getting into that special program!  You can talk to these people, AND THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOU TOO!!!!!!!  They love to talk tech!
  2. It’s CHEAP!  Ok, ok, I know, it’s not free, let’s get that out of the way, but you do get coffee and lunch!  You get five sessions, ANY SESSIONS you want, during the day AND you get access to ALL the material after the conference!
  3. No matter what you’re specialty, we have YOU COVERED!  IT Pro, DBA, developer, website, thick client, mobile, even Blackberry developers, we have you covered!!!!!!!!  And yes, you can see sessions in ANY track!
  4. You can use what you see/hear TODAY!  Ok, ok, you might be tired after a full day of #OttITCamp, so you can use it Sunday, BUT you CAN certainly use what you learn tomorrow!!!!  Try that with most other conferences!
  5. You’ll ACTUALLY get to meet people you’ve been following/retweeting, connecting to, facebooking with!  Social media is good, but meeting in person (in a safe environment) is AWESOME!
  6. You get to make new connections, professionally and intellectually!  Hey who knows, maybe your next million dollar garage app comes out of THIS Saturday?!
  7. Bring a STUMPER of a question with you that’s been BUG’N you for AGES and I’m bet’n you’ll get an answer (might not exactly be what you like, but you’ll get an answer!).  I have my two, what about you?
  8. Get answers from people who’ve done it, gotten burned AND then figured out how to fix it again!
  9. Show your boss you’re serious about YOUR CAREER LEARNING by taking control of your training!
  10. You are going to be HUGELY motivated to try new things Saturday night and it’ll last for days if not a few weeks!  Yes, the enthusiasm is contagious at this conference!!!!
  11. BONUS: You’re going to hear about tech and only tech, MEAT MATTERS, no marketing, no gimics, no sales pitches, devs, geeks,nerds, we’re all the same passionate and LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!!
  12. BONUS: You can put a face and personal explanation on what you’ve read about in blogs/tweets, THIS is much more personal and will help cement complex concepts for you LEARN (and not forget!)

Those are MY 10+2 reason I hope to convince you got come on Saturday!  And if you read this and I helped convince you, please stop me and tell me what projects you’re working on!  Who am I?  I’m one of the people with some geeky/corny t-shirt on! :>  Now that I hope to convince you to register for Saturday, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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