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An hour with VS2013 and I’ve already found SIX bugs!

Nov 23

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Saturday, November 23, 2013 2:33 PM  RssIcon

VSLogoI’ve been trying to come up with some simple sample code for another blog (something for INotifyPropertyChanged) and in doing that, found SIX bugs with VS2013.  Read on to see if you agree with me or not?

This week, I saw a cool video on INotifyPropertyChanged, and I wanted to whip out a cool, small sample so I could reference it later on.  While doing that, I found SIX bugs with Visual Studio 2013 which really tick me off! :<  Here they are, if you agree/disagree, PLEASE leave me a comment.

1. When you debug your Windows Store App (aka Metro app) it’s always MAXIMIZED on your PRIMARY screen/monitor.  Chances are, THATS the same monitor you’re running VS on.  I would LOVE to see a Tools/Options setting to set which monitor I want Win Store Apps to run on, WITHOUT obscuring Visual studio!  Or, even better, have VS auto pick another monitor which VS isn’t running on.

2. Ok, issue #1 is more an annoyance, but this next one is just a flat out bug!  When I hit a breakpoint, F5’d through it, but then went back to VS to check something…..I couldn’t Alt+Tab back to my Win Store (aka Metro) application!  No, I couldn’t!  Really!  I’ve seen this before with the Metro Skype install, but I just disregarded it as an install bug.  Now I think it’s a Metro bug.  The app doesn’t show up in the task list neither.  For a novice dev, the only thing they’ll be able to do is ALWAYS have to place the app on a 2nd monitor or stop debugging and restart over and over.  Not good.  I have a solution but it’s not pretty.

Steps to repro

  1. setup a win store app
  2. put a breakpoint in your code (somewhere simple)
  3. F5 your app
  4. do what ever you need to do to hit that breakpoint
  5. F5 through it
  6. alt+Tab back to VS, look around a bit…….
  7. NOW try to go back to your Win Store App……it’s not on the Start Menu, it’s not accessible via alt+Tab, the ONLY thing I can see is three finger salut (CTRL+ALT+DEL), find it in the list and select it there

imageThat’s NOT a feasible working solution.  The ALT+Tab has to work here Microsoft

3. and 4. Auto formatting with line feeds and spaces aren’t working.  Just in case you’re wondering, I’m expecting VS to respect it’s own settings (right).  I hope you can see, VS is SUPPOSED to put object initializers on a new line.  As you can see next, it’s NOT doing that.


What am I expecting?  Good question.  After I format my code (CTRL-E + D) I’m expecting each new Person(){…} to be placed on it’s own line and indented, AND to have the multiple spaces removed.  This was working before.

5. I thought that maybe I was running a Tools and Extensions that might be interfering with things?  Possible right?  Ok, there is a way to launch VS in safe mode to test just such occasions.  HOWEVER, when you do that (devenv.exe /safemode) VS reports your Win Store Apps are incompatible.  WTF?  Uh, aren’t they just part of VS?


6. And this one drove me just off the deep-end!  I have multiple monitors, and I have my windows setup JUST-SO!  I don’t like someone TOUCHING my screens, and I ESPECIALLY DON’T LIKE APPS TOUCHING MY WINDOWS SETTINGS!  So you can just guess how IMPRESSED I was when after debugging my first Win Store app, my start menu was now on my primary screen, my icons on my secondary screen where now on my primary, and Outlook which was on another monitor is now on my primary.  I’m used to this happening when installing new video card drivers, but NOT WHEN I RUN A WINDOWS STORE APP!!!!!!!!!!  STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now that I got those half dozen bugs off my chest, I’m going out for the afternoon.  Yes, I’m upset, but I’m leaving cause I have other things to do, not cause I’m so upset.  Ya, I’ll keep using VS, but I just hope SOMEONE from MS reads this and takes notice.  Now it’s time to go grab a coffee and get coding!


PS  If you’re juuuuuuust about to leave me a comment to goto feedback site…….no, I’m not doing that.  I’m not Microsoft tester.  You want the bugs, you got ALL the details you need RIGHT HERE!  I’ve done my job, you do yours.

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Re: An hour with VS2013 and I’ve already found SIX bugs!

YAHOO! While watching Jaime Rodriguez (Microsoft) and Laurent Bugnion (MVVMLight fame) doing one of their Microsoft Virtual Academy videos ( I noticed Jaime's WinStoreApp wasn't maximized! HUH? Turns out if you find the Standard Toolbar (chances are you're looking at it, but I have mine hidden, I like my shortcuts LOL), change the dropdown from Local Machine to Simulator! NOW! Once you run, your metro app isn't maximized AND you can ALT+Tab back to it if you're bouncing back'n'forth to VS. That is GREAT news!!!!! Awesome and thank you Jaime and Laurent!

By Peter Henry on   Sunday, November 24, 2013 2:37 PM

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