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How do you stop your program RIGHT F@#$%^G NOW?!

Feb 5

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014 11:46 PM  RssIcon

image You’re debugging your app in VS, but you forgot to set a few breakpoints, now your code is gone off to never-never land!  How do you stop it RIGHT FREAK’N NOW?!!?!  I can help you with that!

So, you’ve gotten your 1st coffee, fired up VS, auto loaded your solution you’ve been slaving away for a week on, without thinking you press F5!  You forgot to set a few break points (F9)!  DOH!  Now your code has gone off to never-never land chugging away with all kinds of bits’n’bits but you can’t tell what is going on cause you can’t BREAK into the code to view any variables (SHIFT+F9).  What do you do?


Simple, VS will immediately STOP DEAD IN ITS TRACKS at the line of code it’s currently chugging away at.  In other words, it’s the …….STOP RIGHT F!@#$%^G NOW!!!!!!!!! command!  Very handy for those mornings (or nights) you forget to set a few breakpoints and now your codes gone awry!

Now that you know how to stop your code now, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!

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