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Calendar Bug with Windows Phone 8.1

Apr 26

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Saturday, April 26, 2014 2:55 PM  RssIcon

Are you a Windows Phone user?  COOL!  If you are, you might be using the 8.1 beta.  If you are, and you use the Calendar (like me) you need to read on!

If you’re a WP 8.1 beta user, and you use the Calendar, then you should be aware of a bug (IMHO that is) with the Calendar program.

CEO Summary

The Day view, the one you would expect to have the most details for your day, isn’t showing everything!

Dev Details

I found this weird bug, well, IMHO it’s a bug cause I KNOW I have five things to show at the same time, but I’m only seeing four.

When I look at my calendar in the week view, I can see I have several appointments.


BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I look at Today, or the day view, I don’t see the appointment at 5:45PM.


To me, this is a bug.  I expect the day view, today, to show me the highest fidelity, the most detail of my day!  I DON’T expect my list of things to do, my list of appointments to MISS things! As you can see above, it’s missing my 5:45PM appointment.

Oh, and if you’re suggesting I switch back’n’forth…….hhhhhmmmmm you’re COMPLETELY missing the point of going from the month to week to day view, you go from high level, to low level and you expect to see MORE details the lower you go, not less.  Yes, I agree, there is a problem with being able to see everything.  hhmm You WERE able to squeeze in four things, just use the same logic to squeeze in more.  And yes, there comes a point where you’re just showing lines, but then……where is the Agenda view you USED to have in 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, 7.8.  It listed everything in one list, including the tasks (the old To Do list).

And while your at it, can you put the tasks menu item on the app bar?  You moved it from the app bar DOWN into the menu, you actually made it HARDER to get to tasks.

Now that I’ve blogged about the Calendar bug, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!

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