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Having problems installing apps to your Windows Phone from your computer?

Jan 7

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015 9:42 PM  RssIcon

Have you tried to install Windows Phone apps from the Marketplace from your computer? Getting NO WHERE FAST?! I think I can help!image

I like to use the tools at my disposal! You’re a developer, I’m sure you do to! So why is it when I try to use my main desktop to use a full screen monitor, keyboard and mouse to easily enter in search titles, that I’m UNABLE to install any WP apps to my phone?! WTF gives?


This happened to me for a loooooooong time. No biggie, being pragmatic, I just hopped over to the phone, fired up Marketplace, etc you get the idea. BUT it always irked me that everyone else could do this one SIMPLE little thing, but I couldn’t.  Turns out I had ONE checkmark wrong.  Mark Schramm, and MVP from out west, suggested I check out find my phone in Settings and CHECK the Always use push notifications to send commands and apps to my phone (1st option). With MISSING this one checkmark on the first one, I thought the phone would pick what ever was the best option available to it at the time. Turns out they BOTH have to be checked for remote installations to work properly.


Note: I like to have the 2nd option checked off.

Thank you to Mark for gently pointing this small error of my ways out. Now that you know how to install apps on your phone from your computer, it’



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Fusionware Integration Corp

Mark Schramm WP MVP

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Re: Having problems installing apps to your Windows Phone from your computer?

What do you mean by checked off in your blog post. It could go either way. You want it checked or you want it off. Use Check and unchecked to be clearer.

My preference is on, expecially since I found that as long as it is near a friendly WiFi, you do not need a SIM card.


By John Marshall on   Friday, January 09, 2015 10:41 AM

Re: Having problems installing apps to your Windows Phone from your computer?

Thanks John, GREAT comment. I apologize, when I wrote this, it was from memory and with my phone being in my basement, it wasn't working for me EITHER way. DARN But when I came into work the next day, it worked like a charm. And to answer your question, they both need to be checked to work properly.

Thanks for the comment John. Have a good weekend.

By Peter Henry on   Friday, January 09, 2015 10:42 AM

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