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Absolute Must Haves For My Next Smartphone

Aug 16

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016 8:00 PM  RssIcon

If I’m going to move away from Windows Phone\Windows 10 Mobile (sniff), what does the alternative absolutely HAVE to have? Read on, maybe the list will surprise you

Ok, Soooo, I’ve actually ALREADY made the switch to a (SPOILER ALERT!) Android Nexux 5X. BUT, before I did that, what type of criteria did I use to decide on switching away from Windows 10 Mobile\Windows Phone. I also created a mobile phone hardware grid of options which where important to me, so together, this list and that one, I decided on Android, Nexus 5X.

ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES (will return phone if not supported)

  • Notifications from calendar just have to be trustworthy
    • This includes alarms
    • No, this is not nearly as straight forward as you or I might initially think
      • Apple screwed it up with Outlook Calendar events back in 2010
  • Modern OS and updatable
  • Unlocked
    • Carrier unlocked
    • I don't want to have to pay MORE money if I want to take a trip and use the phone away from Canada
    • Wifi just HAS to connect/reconnect
      • automatically without restarting the phone
    • Cell phone works
    • Camera takes good to great pics
      • Camera works well and is quick to run
      • When you have to WAIT 10-30 seconds to startup…you usually MISS the moment, and therefore stop using it for those pictures #ForeverMissedOpportunites
    • Apps work and don't randomly die for unforeseen reasons
    • GPS works and doesn't lead me astray!
      • MORE than a few times, my Nokia Here and Drive COMPLETELY screwed up, dead ends, addresses that weren’t there, wrong side of airports, just completely DRUNK! (the GPS, not me! LOL)
  • Many apps available AND in running condition
    • I HATE watching TV or reading the newspaper (yes, I still read the paper), see an advert to “check out our app” and be frustrated cause my Microsoft phone’s not supported!
  • Battery has to last ME a day
  • Has to be smaller than phablet
  • Light (weight), around same as current phone
    • I don’t want something big’n’bukly in my pocket or on my hip
  • Calendar support, MUST support my multiple calendars (Gmail and Exchange)
    • heck, it has to support multiple people’s calendars
  • Email, has to support personal and work email accounts (Gmail and Exchange)
  • Todo list support (currently using OneNote)
    • I’ve switched over to Wunderlist and I’m LOVING IT!

Nice to haves (my wants)

  • Can take my carrier’s nano-sim
    • I don't want to have to go buy another one
    • Each of my last few phones needed new SIM formats
  • Type-C for quick charging
  • USB v3 for faster transfer times
    • Every dev wants to see their code running on phone faster
  • Battery that can last longer than a day
    • A phone that lasts 3/4 of a day is just a big tease
  • Be able to browse the marketplace\store with computer browser, select app and install
    • I have a BIG LCD on desktop, why can't I surf for apps and see ALL screencaps, reviews, related apps, links, etc?
  • Doesn't get hot in my hands after using
  • Contacts management\synchronization

Deal breakers (Reasons I won't even consider)

  • If I can't trust the calendar\events\alarms, what's the point?
  • Non-upgradable OS
  • Hard to develop applications
  • Require special hardware for development apps
  • Require specific programs to install apps or read files to\from
  • Phablet size and weight
  • Bleeds security\personal information

Ok, so that is mostly my decision criteria for my new smartphone. Does it match something like your’s? Is it a bit more detailed than your’s? Are you second guessing your list? Adding a couple of things? No probs. Glad I could help. Now that I’ve shared this list, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!

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