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What do I LOVE about my new Android phone

Aug 21

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Sunday, August 21, 2016 3:00 PM  RssIcon

imageI’ve moved away from Windows 10 Mobile\Windows Phone, what have I found with my new Android smartphone? Check it out!

I thought I loved my Lumia 550, but after a few weeks, I found some major problems with the phone\OS and just Microsoft’s overall treatment of their mobile platform (too harsh? tough, Microsoft needs a mobile reality check IMHO). Here is a list of things I found I have or am falling in love with my new Google Nexus 5X phone.

  • Apps, apps and more apps, OH MY!
    • Did I mention there ARE apps?! LOTS OF APPS
    • I can watch TV commercials, see an advertisement and ACTUALLY see the app in the store, especially when android IS one of the ones advertised!
    • When was the last time YOU saw an an advert and thought, COOL, I wonder what their app looks like?
      • Long, long ago, I just simply gave up on “wondering” if their app existed, I just assumed it didn’t
      • doesn’t that just suck for Windows phone when you just gave up looking?
  • It's FAST
    • I very rarely find myself huffing or puffing at how slow the phone is
  • imageI can install apps remotely from my website on my desktop! I LOVE THIS!
    • WP8 had this, then it disappeared for W10M, I NEVER understood why?
    • I have a 28" monitor and full size keyboard on my desks, why can't I use THAT to search the store? I can now!
    • Let me reiterate this, being able to use a full size monitor and keyboard for quickly searching the store is a HUGE bonus and I have NO idea why MS removed it from their latest mobile platform?
  • Google's voice activation actually works!
    • Cortana's still drunk!
    • “Ok Google” works from A LOT of places on the phone
  • Widgets are acceptable replacement for glance'n'go UX
    • I’m learning how to use the notifications and widgets on my phone to get me the info I want when I want it
  • I love the fingerprint reader, it's FAST!
    • You don't have to save your fingerprint in a specific orientation, it'll take it anyways, VERY nice!
    • I also don’t have to worry about entering password codes and getting them wrong
  • Google's live support chat IS STELLAR, you can ask them anything technical and they'll help you out!
    • I tested them out after buying the phone and only once did I feel like I got a dud of a support person, every other time, the person was on their game and able to set me straight
  • I like how I can put a message on the lock screen without having to add text to a background image\jpg and change my background image
    • there are many apps out there to help you “do” this, but I think it’s a crutch and should be part of the OS IMHO
  • I like how I can uninstall an app from the Play Store
    • I would like to be able to review apps while I'm uninstalling it
    • but this is an acceptable compromise (find in store, review it, then uninstall it)
  • I'm able to charge the phone when it's off, and it stays off!
    • I NEVER understood WHY the phone has to FULLY turn on when I plug in a currently turned off phone?! WP7 and WP8 and WP9 are like that
      • history isn’t justification, just an excuse!
    • If you’re roaming and don’t want to plug in the phone to charge it for fear of it turning on and being charged money cause you’re not confident the antenna will stay off…if you’ve been on vacation with your WP7 or WP8 you might have been through this like me
  • Speaking of charging, the USB-C is FAST, very fast which means very nice!
    • There have been recent problems brought up with the Nexus 5X and 6P charger not officially being Type-C compliant, but just make sure your kids and pets are eating the cables
  • Directions from maps\driving…are simply OUTSTANDINGLY STELLAR! Drive just can't compete, it flatly NEVER gave me directions like this!
    • The "additional information" (ie traffic volume info) is really cool
    • I love being able to search on my computer, send to my phone…and it works! Simply magic
  • I just found out today how to get menu button tooltips, click'n'hold and tooltip pops up somewhere beside your finger in some logical place you can see
    • WP had this as well, but I love how I have this now too
  • I live the color coded blinking light and visual cues for specific events (txts, emails, calendar, etc)
    • Now I just have to decipher the diff colors :>
  • I get operating system updates right when they come out!
    • I’m NOT held hostage by the carrier nor the phone manufacturer, I get them as soon as Google launches them. Very cool!
    • I’m looking forward to getting nougat as well when it’s launched without having to go through this hoop or that hoop

There you have it, my short list of things I LOVE about my Google Nexus 5X phone! I have a couple more blogs coming about my thoughts of android and Windows Phone, I hope you come back tomorrow. Now it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!




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