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What do I DISLIKE about Android?

Aug 23

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016 7:00 PM  RssIcon

imageAfter a few months of using my Android Nexus 5X, I think I’ve gotten pretty used to it. Here is a list of things I have NOT enjoyed so far.

Here is a list of things I’m NOT liking about Android\Nexus 5X.

  • Things about Android, the OS
    • Why can't I set a solid color as the background?
      • Why do I have to create my own background image with the solid color and set that picture\photo as the background?
      • Why can't there just be a simple feature in the background app to do that for me?
    • I thought I was supposed to be able to shake the phone to "wake up?"
      • There’s a feature settings for this, doesn’t work for me!
    • Plugging in USB and ALWAYS being asked how to connect on nexus, why can't it just remember?
      • At least its charging by default
      • Its not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, mostly because the battery's been good for me and I don’t usually find myself charging it during the day at work
    • Daydream seems pretty cool at first, but quickly becomes useless after you try to use it
      • Wouldn't turn on for me
      • No calendar by default
      • No way to uninstall daydream apps without going to playstore to find the uninstall button (this is weird)
    • The back button always goes back to the main screen and not through the back apps
      • after some use, I prefer the w10m way actually
  • Lock Screen
    • Doesn't rotate
    • Fades and disappears too quickly (~10s?)
    • How can I add calendar events to the lock screen?
      • are there other apps for this? the ones I tried didn’t work
      • why is this not just part of the default installed calendar program?
    • Forced to type the enter key on the lock screen
      • I had a swipe pattern but one of my corporate programs dictates that to be turned off :<
      • Just weird to be forced to type the NEVER CHANGING last character (enter), it’s not like it’s a surprise 5th password character
  • Apps
    • Some apps have BOTH the hamburger and the ellipses, WHY have BOTH?
      • And why is the hamburger sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left?
      • THIS is probably the biggest UI\UX weirdness I’m seeing
    • Having to always manually close apps
      • Maybe it's just me, but leaving apps open when I'm not using them and thinking in the back of my mind they are updating, using CPU, bugs me
      • maybe it's just a comfort level?
    • Some apps will ask before quitting, cool, but then they're still in the task list as running, how's that make sense?
      • If i quite, I quit, it shouldn't be left running
  • GMail
    • Email widget sometimes says Loading… when there's no emails
      • gives wrong status indication imho
      • I need to rely and trust the notifications more
  • Phone
    • The phone dialer icons are too easily confused IMHO
      • I've accidentally called my partner a few times by accident already, doh!
    • Blocking contacts still let them make one ring on the phone AND they can still leave a vmail
    • Using keypad takes about half a second longer than I would like
      • I think the sensor to go from black to display on is juuuuust a bit too slow, by about half a second
    • calling vmail SHOULD just expand the keypad to immediately let me type in my password
      • why do I HAVE to click the keypad button to expand it to type out the password? There’s a button to click, it knows I want vmail, just expand the keypad for the passcode

So there you have it, my list of things I dislike about my Android phone. I’ll post followups where if\when I find fixes\hacks around these things things. If you know of any, I would LOVE to hear from you! I hope you come back for more about my android experiences. Now it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!

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