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Product Review -Radmo Mobile Phone Car Mount

Aug 31

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016 8:49 PM  RssIcon

ProductHave you ever wanted to use your cell\mobile phone for a GPS but didn’t have an easy and affordable way to put it in plain site? Have I got a product to help you!

This summer I took a trip and used my cell phone for the GPS. It work, except I had an issue. The problem was, where do I put my phone? I ended up putting it down low, low, low into the cup holder. That was ok, but very tempting and dangerous to look down at, taking my eyes off the road. So I never did that. BUT I had to listen VERY carefully for when directions were spoken.

I started thinking there HAS to be a better way.

There are LOADS of products out there, like dedicated GPS which have suction cups for windshields or clips for air vents. Have you used them? Ever have one just……suddenly fall off? Ever have it fall while TURNING?! Did it every fall under your feet while you’re driving…..flipping, flopping dangerously near the peddles. THAT’S dangerous too! I wanted to avoid all that, but what then?

Well, I saw some link like “50 life hack mobile products for your car.” Ok, ok, not exactly, but I saw a video showcasing GREAT car products and the Radmo Mobile Phone Car Mount was showcased and I thought I HAVE to try that!


It’s compact, easy to install, use and then store. It’s easy to move to another car. Doesn’t have any power requirements. Uses a placement with little use now a days. The phone stays put and even has space for the power cord. I like it!


Before buying, I watched a couple of youtube reviews and they suggest the metal version instead of the plastic one. For an extra $6, I think having “no flex” and a being a more stable product, is worthwhile investment. I got it today, set it up in about…..oooooooohhhhh 2m (two screws), and……done. Easy. The $32 product looks like this.



Here it is, placed into the CD tray in the car, and plugged in. I’m listening to a great podcast called Surface Smiths. As you can see it’s in the CD tray, I’m lucky enough to have a USB key in my car, so I don’t use the CD, and is a GREAT home for this accessory. Also, you can see my phone is plugged in, beauty! If you’re going on a long trip, the LAST thing you want is the battery to die just as you are approaching your destination, but still need it for a few more highway exists and street turns. Am I the only one this has happened to? I doubt it.

What do you NOT see in the picture? The Radmo phone holder is easy to slide into the CD tray and it stays put! The first picture show as I’m about to place the holder (with the phone in) and the second shows it sliding in. I am very impressed with how solid the phone is in the holder! It wasn’t going anywhere, neither the holder nor the phone. The holder has two little springs in the uprights that make a “compression fit” that doesn’t damage the phone but keeps it in place.

IMG_5677 IMG_5679

Here is another bonus to the Radmo phone mount, it’s compact. So what you ask? Well, two things, it’s easy to store and keep with you in the car. A product you can easily install, use, remove and store, is a product you’ll use repeatedly. And secondly, it’s so easy to pull out of your car and take with you in your partners or your best buddies car for a road trip in their car! And it doesn’t mar any finish, scratch no surfaces or have any other damaging effects. Here is picture of where my phone holder is right now (the center console, right with the charger cable, now they are a permanent pair).


I like this product and recommend it. NOT, and I repeat NOT so you can use your phone, NO! I HATE, repeat, I HATE seeing people using their phones while driving! That is a BIG NO-NO! BUT, this radmo phone holder does put my GPS up in clear line of site so I can see the road, see my directions, easily hear my directions, not get lost and stay on the road. If you are looking for a phone mount, give this a try.

Now that you know about this phone mount, it’s time to grab a coffee and get coding!


Resources I love Android’s GPS Program

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Amazon: Radmo Classic Mobile Phone Mount For Your Car, Coated Aluminum

Google: Radmo search for youtube review vids

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