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Are you seeing 500.19 error when running a Typescript project in Visual Studio?

Nov 16

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016 10:13 PM  RssIcon

Cover artAre you trying to run a new Typescript project in your Visual Studio and getting 500.19 error in IE? I think I might be able to help you.

Today, I was helping a developer new to our team, run our project. You’d THINK with Visual Studio, getting code from TFS, compiling\F6 and running\F5 would be easy, right? hhmm So did we. Sidebar, why is web development so difficult? VS, configure IIS, NodeJs, Typescript, Node, Gulp, paths in Tools\Options, Projects and Solutions\External Web Tools and putting nodejs at the top, and now a new one to add to the list, IIS settings!

Yup, for the last day or two, my partner and I were grappling with what we THOUGHT was a problem with Microsoft Azure tools or more specifically, Application Insights. Except googling (no, we’re not “binging” right now HAHA) shows we were having problems with modules in the web.config, OR there was a security\authorization problem or Azure application insights. WHA?! The trend we’re spotting is, we were getting completely conflicting and as it turns out, WRONG information from IIS\Visual Studio. The main error was 500.19. Check out this link and it’ll lead you down the WRONG path. grrrrr

TURNS OUT, it wasn’t anything to do with application insights, path security, nothing like that. It was MUCH simpler. In the second link, IIS wasn’t configured properly. DOH! Huh? You’d think with all the POWER in Visual Studio, it would be able to give us a better error than 500.19. Remember I said this was a developer new to our team, he’s helping us out. He’s from the Mac team……with a new wintel i7 box….NEW being the operative word. When I read the second link I realized, WHOA! Maybe IIS is the default, out of the box defaults…..kind of like this, like I checked out on a loaner laptop I’m setting up tonight.


As you can see, only the CGI is setup. This is my box tonight. I CLEARLY won’t be able to run ANY websites!!!!!!! To run your site, you could check off everything in the Application Development Features (on my dev box, I have CGI unchecked). Once we did that……GLORIOUS F5 WORKED! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!

My Mac user team member asked me why does IIS do that? MANY years ago, when you installed IIS or a server, the webserver (IIS) was wide open, accessible, and unsecured. Ready for any devs beck’n’call. Except, a lot of those boxes were just installed for other purposes (email server, tomcat servers, db servers), something other than an IIS Webserver. Except those IT people wouldn’t turn off IIS, and that was a hacking vector. Fast forward to today, Microsoft bolts down IIS so that you, me, devs, anyone wanting to use IIS, has to remember to goto Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows features on or off, then dive into the Internet Information Services\World Wide Web Services\Application Development Features and check all the boxes before you can even hope your webpages will work.

Now that I know how to get my pages to run, it’s time to get back to work tonight. Until next time,  time to grab a coffee and get coding.



Microsoft Support: "HTTP Error 500.19" error when you open an IIS 7.0 Webpage

StackExchange: How do I resolve “HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error” on IIS7.0 [closed]

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