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Has Visual Studio crashed on you after trying to add items to your toolbox by using "Choose Items..."?

Feb 10

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:05 PM  RssIcon

If you've had Visual Studio crash on you today simple cause you tried to add new toolbox items, you're probably confused and frustrated, just like I was today, TWO hours before a prototyping meeting!  Read on for some tips to try and help the situation.

Today I wanted to add some Telerik web controls to my Visual Studio 2008 toolbar.  No probs, I know how to do that quite easily.  Let's see now, open the toolbar (CTRL+ALT+X, yup, keyboard junky :>), right mouse click in the grey area, Choose Items..........

Toolbox Choose Items

HUH?  WTF?  VS just died?  WTF?  I have a demo in two hours!!!!!!  W T F !!!!!  W   T   F   !!!!!!!!  No warning, no dialogs telling what is going to happen, just POOF, and VS is gone!  WTF!  I'm not happy at this point!

If you're like me, it's early in the morning, and you haven't had your fourth cup of coffee, you'll try the samething again, and then maybe again JUUUUUUUUST in case THIS time it'll work differently.  But nope, everytime, VS unceremoniously crashes/dies/GPFs on me!  WTF?  Can you sense some frustration building?

After Googling around I found this link on MSDN.  I'll cut to the chase, if you're running PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008, you JUST found the source of your problem!  For some reason, there is a problem with the JITted code, the CLR and some other stuff. 


Here's the main jist of this, uninstall PowerCommands, add your Toolbox items via the Choose Items, then reinstall PowerCommands again.  This will work, I tried it today!

Another thing you can try (but I haven't tried this, so if you try it, please leave a comment on your findings!), you can open up VS, the Toolbox window, and a Windows Explorer to the directory with the DLL you want to add to VS' Toolbox.  Now drag'n'drop the DLL over to the Toolbox.  This will work when things are good (like after uninstalling PowerCommands) but I'm not so sure if it will work with the toolbox metadata all screwed up?

This will fix your problem with the Toolbox crashing VS!  Good luck and keep coding! :>


PS  Turns out someone else ran SMACK into this while on a deadline as well.  He has the same findings as I do.

PPS  Once I added the controls to the Toolbox, updated my html, the prototype went pretty well IMHO, thank you very much! :>


Choose Items crashing Visual Studio 2008

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Re: Has Visual Studio crashed on you after trying to add items to your toolbox by using "Choose Items..."?

There is apparently another fix which talks about adding a dependantAssembly node to the VS config file.

By phenry on   Thursday, May 07, 2009 10:08 AM

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