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Feb 11

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 12:10 AM  RssIcon

Have you heard of CodePlex?  Have you tried it out?  Joined a project, downloaded some code?  Checked in some code?  I've been avoiding it, for no other reason than I haven't had any need to.  Until tonight, read on for some details!

Tonight we had our last session of our ODNC web study group.  As things were gearing down, we started talking about things that worked well and things that didn't work so out so well.  One thing that came up was source code repository.  Having recently converted over to SVN, I offered up my server!  CW had an objection to that!  "One problem with Peter's server is he plays around with it."  Right you are CW, it's my box and I have that right.  BUT, study group participants also have the right to get dependable and stable access to the source code for their studying.  hhhmmm There's the delima.

CodePlex to the rescue!  Tonight I created a new ODNC Study Group project and although it's a work in progress (WIP), it's pretty painless and straight forward!  Check it out, register with CodePlex and poke around!  You'll find some pretty cool stuff in there!

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