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///todo Management Revisited (with help from a reader, Rene)

Feb 23

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Monday, February 23, 2009 9:33 PM  RssIcon

With special thanks to a reader, I made a small change to the Show All Tasks project I blogged about in September.  Read on for further details.  Thanks Rene, great idea!

I blogged about a cool idea I read about from ShaharY on a blog on Dev102 back in September about displaying all the ///todos in your solution.  A reader of my blog entry caught something (thanks Rene, nice catch!), the tool only processes CSharp files.  Well, I guess he was slightly offended (no worries Rene, I'm just making this up, I have no idea, I just thought I would make the blog more exciting with a bit of drama :>) at my C++ disdain (again, just to spice things up :>) and offered his suggestions on "improving" the tool.

Rene was right, the tool needed some spicing u a bit, so I added a StringCollection (specific generic class for strings).  At the same time, I rearranged a bit of the code (struture of original code was changed very little from ShaharYs version).  Now with the StringCollection and a bit of magic, you can parse any CS and C++ (headers too :>).

Thanks Rene.

Grab a coffee and get coding! :>



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Re: ///todo Management Revisited (with help from a reader, Rene)

Blogged about on Tales from the Evil Empire blog.

By phenry on   Wednesday, June 17, 2009 12:07 PM

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